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United Ministry Center at the University of Oklahoma
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Welcome to our site!

UMOU is the official on-campus ministry of the Presbyterian, Christian (Disciples of Christ), UCC (United Church of Christ, and Lutheran ELCA denominations. An open, friendly community for students, faculty and staff who want to explore ideas and issues affecting today's world, it is a center for fun, exchange of ideas, challenging opportunities for service, relaxation , personal counseling, and learning about life. It is based on a commitment which enourages diversity and explores controversial issues by listening to the voices in the struggle and affirms the individual's right to act in the light of one's own convictions.

The UMOU Mission

The United Ministry Center specializes in helping students successfully claim responsibility for their lives emotionally, spiritually, socially, occupationally, and financially. The Center is a place where one can feel safe exploring, questioning, and discovering a faith that empoweres. Individuals learn at UMC what it means to be a healing and liberating community. Our hope is that you will find us in order to enrich your educational experience.
The Ecumenical Mission of United Ministry at the University of Oklahoma is : In the spirit of Christ, teh Center fosters a spiritual journey for students, faculty and staff of the Unversity of Oklahoma by cultivating compassion, progressive thinking, social justice and a caring community.

PRINCIPLES of UMOU ---be a healing and liberating persence ---be courageous in living life from a Christian perspective ---be welcoming to diverse groups and individuals of the University community ---encourage investigation of diverse ideas ---provide an atmosphere where issues of faith can be freely explored ---nuture faith development.


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1017 Elm St.
Norman, OK 73072
Phone: (405) 321-8682
Denominational Sponsors:
Christian (Disciples of Chrfist)
Cooperating Baptist Fellowship
Lutheran (ELCA)
Presbyterian (U.S.A)