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United Ministry Center at the University of Oklahoma
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United Ministry Center Program (UMC) student body- promotes unity and diversity within the religious community at the University of Oklahoma.  It provides the Intern Leadership Program which oversees the  weekly Wednesday Free Lunch, Souper Thursday Lunch, Tuesday Vespers and Meditation.  The Faculty/Staff Program Committee plans programming for faculty and staff.

The OU Racial Awareness Program works to increase and foster cross cultural conversation within the university community through a variety of programs, both self-created and co-sponsored. OU-RAP sponsors the Martin Luther King, Jr. Colloquium each January as well as other events throughout the year..

The Bridge trains future community activists by teaching OU students how to effectively respond to community and world needs non-violently through methods used by Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Social justice and awareness of community is promoted and encouraged.